Through the Tunnel, PTC, GA

Senoia, GA &

Outside of Peachtree City, GA

Line Creek, Fayetteville, GA

Lake Peachtree Dock, PTC, GA

Art In The City Illustrations

Culpepper House, Sonia, GA

After the Parade, PTC, GA

Historical Homes, Newnan, GA

Deer Santa- 


Holiday Cards 

Starr's Mill, Fayetteville, GA

Historical Homes, Newnan, GA

Santa on Golf Cart    These need to be ordered in

volume & in advance. 

Into the Woods, PTC, GA 

The 54 Bridge, PTC, GA 

Santa golfing at Flat Creek Golf Course

The historical

Hutchinson Hardware Store, Senoia, GA

Local Peachtree City, GA.

To Huddleston Pond, PTC, GA

Senoia Coffee Shop, Senoia, GA

Mr. Nubs- respectfully may he rest in peace. He farmed and sold delicious veggies over the PTC line in Fayetteville. Mr. Nubs, allowed me 

​to photograph him and use the image in the local cards. 

Note Cards & Post Cards available for purchase​​ ; House & Animal portraits, & personal cards